Sailing Maybe

Welcome to our site! The idea is that you will be able to follow along on our little trip with our Najad 34CC “Maybe”. The weirdest name on a boat, we know. But it was already given to her as we got her and we’ve kinda grown to like it.

Who are we?

If you found this site you probably already know at least one of us.

It’s Claire and Niklas, simple as that.

The route

Ok, so this years goal is to get our boat from Stockholm to Stavanger. Last year we sailed from Gothenburg to Stockholm. We choose to follow the coasts instead of trying Göta kanal, the reason for this is that its simply more fun to sail than to motor, and hey.. we already know the way. Or most of it anyway..


Fall is coming

It’s been a little quiet here since wecame to Stavanger. Everyday life has crept up on us again and motivation to blog disappeared with the return to work. A lot of things have happened however, Maybe is on land again. It’s something we started to think about during the trip here and finally decided to …


We have visited so many beautiful places on our trip, with these photos we try to show you some of them. If you feel like using one of the pictures please do but give us credit, thanks!

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