End of the road – for this time

We’re home! Well, technically we have been home for more than a week now, but refused to give up the vacation spirit. I will start working in less than twelve hours, the six weeks we spent going from Stockholm to Stavanger is over. Oddly enough it feels like we barely started travelling. The feeling of “There is no place like home” didn’t hit us when arriving at Sandes, maybe because Maybe feels like a home?

Its been a strange experience arriving here, we did spend a lot of time planning, talking and thinking about this journey and now it’s at end. When arriving in Sandnes and waving good bye to our much appreciated crew member Tom we had a feeling of emptiness. Fortunately we did have a couple of more days to spend, drinking in the fact that we now had arrived in our new home port. We now feel more ready then ever to start exploring the islands and fjords around Rogaland.

So, what have we been up to the last week? As you might remember we had arrived at the island Rott, just west of Stavanger, we spent a night here, charmed by the island but also with the feeling that if it hadn’t been for the incredibly lovely weather the island might not be as charming, it lies very exposed in the north sea outside Stavanger.

The harbor of Rott

The following morning, last Saturday, we continued to Stavanger to attend the “happy food festival” (“Glad mat” in Norwegian), we had to look around a while to find a spot to moor in, apparently its very popular to take your boat to the festival. We met up with Claires parents and ate and drank a lot of happy food and drinks.

The day after was not quite as happy, probably due to some very happy beers the day before, but eventually we left Stavanger and sailed Gandsfjorden to Sandnes. Turns out that the guest marina in the center of the city is right next to the construction site of the new town hall. On the other side of the marina the constructions for the roller ski festival “Blink” started at six am the following Monday morning. Who knew that there was such a thing as a festival for roller skis, who knew that you need to start constructing stuff ten days in advance for one? Anyway, we did spend the night in Sandes, in the boat, 300 meters from our apartment. Monday arrived and Tom left us to go back to Sweden. We spent the day feeling a bit lost, we where done with the trip, what now? Eventually we left Sandnes for a beautiful evening sail to Hommersåk to see our new home harbor. We did see porpoises during the sail, always a good sign.

The Dale asylum lies on the east side of Gandsfjorden. A beautiful spot with a haunted past.

Hommersåk will be our new home base for Maybe, so we spent the day there getting acquainted with the marina and the surroundings and in the evening we set out for a very short trip to an island called “Tingsholmen” where we spent another day meandering around the island, bathing in the crystal clear, albeit somewhat cold, water and just relaxing.

Tingsholmen is like Norway condensed: sheep, rocks, lighthouse and fishing farm.

Thursday marked the start for the Tall Ships Races in Stavanger. The event, where tall ships from all over the world gather to race from port to port, is something I have wanted to attend for a long time. As we had been fortunate enough to arrive at the end of our journey earlier than expected the opportunity had to be seized,  so come Friday of we went to see said tall ships. Its an incredible experience. So many beautiful ships gathered in one harbor. Once again the weather made the event something special, at twelve in the night we still had 25 degrees Celsius. We meandered around the harbor, looking at the ships together with friends and finally went back to sleep in our own apartment for the first time in six weeks.

Tall ships in Stavanger harbor

Saturday had us going back to Hommersåk to clean out Maybe and prepare her for a final trip this vacation. We planned to go back to Stavanger by boat and see all the tall ships leaving the harbor on Sunday. So we did and it was spectacular! It looked like every boat in Stavanger was out to see the ships leaving. The ships defiled one by one, impressing us all. Our favorite ship in the end has to be the Taragini, mostly for its fun and polite crew of Indian navy trainees but also because of the beautiful ship in itself.

Indian navy ship Taragini leaving the port of Stavanger.

We ended the day by going to one of the many islands around Stavanger for an afternoon swim together with friends and now here we are, back in the apartment and its soon time to start the work week again.

We have learned much during this trip and I hope to get back with some of the lessons we got in later posts.

We already have some ideas for destinations for the next summer, maybe back to Denmark for more sun and beach life or maybe Ålesund for summer skiing? Who knows, but one thing is sure, among all the maybes there is One Maybe and she will safely take us there. Care to join us then or earlier? Please do – you know how to reach us! =)