Hello Denmark!

We knew when leaving Simrishamn that we where going to get strong headwinds from the west, but we where determined to press on to build up a bit of time margin for later in the trip. The first three hours had very weak and southerly winds, but as soon as we rounded Sandhammaren cape the winds turned to south west and started to build up. We do not have a functioning wind meter, but checking the metereologic station in Ystad gave us at most continous wind speed at around 11 m/s with gusts up to 13. We kept beating against the wind, clawing our way south of the Scania coast for twelve hours. Finally arrived in Gislövs läge at 23:30 in the night. Gislövs läge seems to be a nice place, the little we saw of it, we arrived, tied up the boat, went to bed and first thing in the morning we left the harbour. Not because we where stressed, but the wind predictions was lighter winds in the morning than by lunch and we

Inside the boat when we are leaning

really didn’t feel like another day of hard winds. After two hours of motoring in light winds we arrived at Falsterbo Channel that cuts through the Falsterbo peninsula to create a short cut for us. After passing through the channel we finally got excellent sailing conditions with moderate winds and very little waves. We had excellent sailing up to the little man-made island Flakfortet in the middle of Öresund.

View of Flakfortet

Flakfortet turned out to be a very special place, its originally a fortress built in the beginning of the 20th century by the Danish military, it was in use until 1957. Today its a very popular day sailing destination for boaters around Öresund. A seawall is built encircling the whole island giving perfect shelter and plenty of mooring space. We moored inside the seawall and spent a memorable day there. Many of original bunkers and hallways are completely open for visitors.

Fixing the watertank

We did however discover that we had gotten our fresh water contaminated. Turns out that during the hard sailing the previous day bilge water had washed over the water tank and leaked into it through a badly installed tank level meter. We decided to continue to Råå the next day as we knew there where good boat shops and good facilities there. We went there and spent the evening cleaning out the fresh water tank. The following day (friday) we bought a new tank meter and installed it properly, using a lot of sika flex (sealant) to ensure that there would be no more leaks into the fresh water tank.

Råå used to be one of the biggest fishing harbours in Sweden. The tetra pak founder Ruben Rausing comes from Råå but what really excited me is that Kurt Björklund had his home harbour here. Kurt and his Monsun 31 “Golden Lady” sailed around the world at three different occasions. The golden lady now resides in a museum here in Råå, just around the corner from the marina we’re staying in. so while waiting for the sikaflex to dry we went there and admired her.

Saturday we continued up to Helsingborg, met up with other cousins I havent seen in a long time. We had a great lunch together, later in the afternoon our crew Tom and Ellinor arrived and we set out to Helingør and spent the night there. From Helsingør we continued to Hundested where we now are, awaiting the morning to continue to Anholt.