Kalmar inlet

“Good bye and good luck going south in these winds” said our new found friend and boat neighbour, smiling as we left Kalmar harbour. We probably should have listened to his covert advice in his parting words. People who have solo sailed the Atlantic tend to have good ideas about sailing and he was one of them.

We where aiming for Kristianopel, a tiny village with a grand name. The danish King had grand plans for this once easternmost city in the Danish empire and gave it a fitting name for it’s future. His plans where foiled, as was also ours trying to reach it. Winds, waves and currents worked against us and after three hours of trying first to motor and then sail against it we decided to call it an (early) day and aim for Mörbylånga instead. Beating against the wind and current, especially in such shallow waters as Kalmar inlet is quite an uncomfortable experience, the waves get very choppy and steep. It feels like running over a speed bump every third second or so.  Kalmar inlet is especially famous for this and many skippers have horror stories about this small stretch of water. Turning Maybe around instead gave us smooth sailing and a speed of  between 7 and 8 knots compared to the 3.5 we where making before.

That’s kind of the essence of sailing: you cannot always go where you want to go at the time you want to go there. Its important to have a plan and event more important to change it according to circumstances. I read a sentence in a sailing blog somewhere that sums it up nicely “if you want to visit us on board you can pick a time or a place, but not both”.

The seal and very flat water in Kalmar inlet

Going back a bit, on Wednesday we left Byxelkrok and motored for nine hours down to Kalmar, this once and for all proved to us that there is no problem with the engine cooling system. Apart from that not much else happened that day; we saw a seal, where becalmed in Kalmar inlet and finally reached Kalmar. Here we bought an IR thermometer to be able to check the true temperature of the engine. Arriving in Kalmar we where greeted by the harbour master with the words “Sweden is in the lead with three goals to zero”, sounds great, I have yet to figure out against whom. I guess we won that match, yay Sweden.

Kalmar Castle

Kalmar once did play a big role in Swedish history, today I guess its mostly famous for the bridge over to Öland. There is a grand castle located just by the water. We went for a stroll in the evening and visited the castle.


Windmills are located everywhere on Öland, this one is in Mörbylånga

So now we are in Mörbylånga, a town not really famous for anything. It has been quite windy during the night and morning but its starting to settle down, we are getting ready to leave and are aiming for Utlängan tonight. This time we have winds, currents and waves with us.


Everything is going fine, so we keep on sailing! Hope all of you are enjoying the summer!