Last days of Denmark

Our guests Tom and Ellinot quickly adapter to our boating lifestyle. Ellinor left in Anholt and Tom continues to sail with us.

We initially planned to leave Hundested in the morning, but with wind speed of 11 m/s we felt that it was a bit too much. We waited until lunch time before venturing out.

With the winds and the waves beating the entrance we had a very bumpy start of the sail to Anholt. The first three hours we sailed with three reefs in the main sail and the genua furled to a third of its size. We still made 6 knots. The waves made the ride a bit uncomfortable but gradually the wind and most of the waves died down, at the end we had to motor the last 15 nm to Anholt.

A forest of masts

Arriving to Anholt was a bit of a shock, looking at the harbour through the binoculars revealed a forest of masts. The harbour guide says that in July the harbour can be quite crowded and it turned out it was no overstatement. As we arrived in the evening we had to make do with mooring on another boat as the forth boat from the dock. Getting onto land turned out to be an obstacle

Dinner with Mike

course over the other boats. Later in the evening we got another boat moored outside us. It was a smaller boat with one man single handling it. His name is Mike and he turned out to be a really nice acquaintance. He was doing a last sail with his boat, before returning and selling it to buy a newer and bigger one.

The habit of mooring a boat on a boat is typical for Denmark, the southern and western Swedish coasts. Having mostly sailed in the archipelagos on the east side of Sweden we’re not really used to this. It always gets interesting when one of the inner boats wants to leave before the other ones. We spent the morning in our cockpit, together with Mike, drinking coffee and watching boats meandering about in the harbour basin after having to leave their spot because someone on their inside wanted to leave. Suddenly the same thing happened to us. The boat second closest to land wanted to leave at twelve, our boat neighbour had the idea that he could move him, us and Mike as one unit and re-moore us when the boat on the inside wanted to leave, the idea was good but the implementation failed and we found ourselves floating away from our mooring and almost hitting another group of boats tied together. We had to quickly untie all lines, start the motor and set of the find a better mooring spot in the harbour.  After another hour we where nicely tied up to in another spot in the marina.

Exploring Anholt

We spent the afternoon exploring Anholt, it has a very exotic and relaxed vibe about it. We biked around the island, bathed and checked out the “desert” of the island.

The “desert” of Anholt

We then continued to Læsø, this harbour was just as crowded as Anholt but with a lot more Norwegian boats. We arrived in the evening and left in the morning so we didn’t see much of Læsø, but it seems like a really nice place, definitely worth visiting again, like so many other places we have visited during this trip.

Beautiful beach on Anholt

We have now arrived in Skagen, spent the evening preparing the boat and buying food for the trip tomorrow. This is also a crowded harbour, full of Norwegian boats so we have found the Norwegian holiday wave.

Tomorrow we are sailing for the Norwegian south coast. We are calculating with moderate to hard winds and 18-24 hours sail. Looking forward to it, hopefully we keep the beautiful weather with us.