Our trip as a google map

First work week has been completed, funny how fast one gets back into the pace. We did however leave the harbor as soon as we could on Friday and spent the weekend doing a very short trip around the neighboring islands of Hommersåk, practicing anchoring maneuvers and relaxing.

The funny thing with the tech of today is that the trip does not only exist in our memory and in our cameras, our navigation software has recorded it as well. If you ever where curious about where any of the places we visited actually are or how long it took us to get there, here are all the answers!

The information was extracted from the open source chart plotting software OpenCPN we have been using during the whole trip. There are some minor errors where one trip has been split up into two or three sections, this would be due to me fiddling around with the computer and restarting it in the middle of the trip to test some new idea probably.