The start

Many moons ago we decided that we wanted to bring our new boat with us when moving to Norway, since then we have anticipated this trip, planned it, discussed the route, agonized over everything that might go wrong and dreamt about all the experiences it will bring. Friday was my last day at the office for six weeks and we are finally on our way.

The idea has always been to sail around the southern coast of Sweden, we did discuss “Göta kanal”, the channel that together with Trollhätte kanal forms a waterway that cuts through Sweden from the town “Mem” on the east coast to Göteborg(ish) on the west coast. This would however mean endless hours of motoring and small waterways, exactly what Maybe wasn’t built for. We and her prefer open seas. Don’t get me wrong, we might at some point take the channel, its seems charming, but not now.

Setting the sails

So, the idea, right, is to sail, we where going to arrive to Nynäshamn on Friday evening, spend Saturday and most of Sunday cleaning, provisioning and fixing the boat. My (Niklas) father was going to visit us on Sunday to say the customary good byes and good lucks. Nothing ever goes as planned when sailing.You’re always very dependent on the winds and the weather. As nasty winds are predicted for Tuesday to Thursday we changed the schedule, instead of starting with a couple of slow days in Nynäshamn we are instead on our way to Oxelösund, where we will spend the windy days fixing Maybe and meeting people. Oh, yeah, did I mention we where going to arrive at the boat Friday evening? Well, SAS and the local commuter service in Stockholm had other ideas. When we finally arrived at the boat it wasn’t Friday evening anymore, it was Saturday morning, 03:00 am to be exact.

Beutiful red sky in the evening at Lacka

After oversleeping on Saturday morning, we did some basic provisioning, left harbour and sailed to Lacka, the winds where southerly, which meant motoring until Landsort and from there a nice beam reach sail from Landsort to Lacka. The evening in the natural harbour was amazing, a few times have I experienced the archipelago like this. Completely still, nothing disturbing the water which is mirroring the red sky. Its so silent you first think you’ve gone deaf, but you soon realize that its just you not being used to total silence any more.

Close quarter sailing in the archipelago

Today we continued on under light winds in narrow passages, archipelago sailing at its finest. We are now moored at an island named “Broken”, a weird name in English, I can assure you that it is anything but broken, its a delightful island with a really nice couple overseeing the harbour. Its the club-island of Nyköping boat club, with one of the best saunas in the archipelago. We are now sitting in the boat writing, and the water is literally boiling with fish.