We’re in Norway!

We made it over Skagerrak! We did get a little more than moderate winds that came from the perfect angle for us resulting in a crossing in just about 16 hour. The distance was about 80 nm so we averaged 5 knots during the whole trip.

One of the few leisure boats we met over Skagerrak

We did get some waves which made life a bit uncomfortable for a couple of hours but in general everything went fine. Otherwise there is not much to tell about the trip, we saw few other leisure boats, a couple of fishing boats and some commercial ships. We left harbour around 09:00, we where tied up as the fourth boat and when the boat closest to land wanted to leave so did we. We arrived around one in the morning to Arendal, fortunately it doesn’t get dark at this time of the year so mooring was no problem.

Arendal turned out to be quite a busy and expensive marina, there are myriads of small boats buzzing around the dock and the marina fee was the highest so far with its 300 NOK for one night. That doesn’t even include showers, which costed another 35 nok for a five minute shower. We slept, provisioned and left the city, eager to find a good natural harbour instead. We haven’t been in one since the archipelago south of Stockholm so it’s about time.

Sunbathing in the Norwegian archipelago

We followed the fairway for 10 nm south from Arendal and then popped in between the islands and moored with stern anchor and lines to land to a little island called “Store Hampholmen”. We where almost the only sailboat using this technique. The sailboaters seems to prefer swing mooring whereas most motorboaters prefer being moored to land. At Hamholmen we spent the whole day just meandering around, sunbathing, swimming in the sea and generally enjoying life and getting some R&R before continuing on tomorrow.

We and the motorboats